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    Call of the Dead Easter Egg Co op


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    Call of the Dead Easter Egg Co op Empty Call of the Dead Easter Egg Co op

    Post by BustdMagz on Tue Jul 19, 2011 2:04 pm

    Step 1
    Knife the door where the original characters are.
    Step 2
    When they ask for a fuse go upstairs to where the PHD flopper perk is and look around, the fuse can be in various places so just search around for a tiny tube like thing.
    Step 3
    When you find the fuse hold down the action button(PS3 "square", Xbox "X")to pick it up. Bring the fuse back to the the door and hold down the action button on the electrical panel located on the right side of the door.
    Step 4
    After some more dialogue you will suddenly hear a loud beeping noise, now you have to hunt down 4 generators. Note:I have found that only explosives destroy the generators and you will know it is destroyed when the red light turns off.The first generator is in front of the locked door, the second is outside the window by stamin-up, the third is next to the ship in the water by the double tap perk, and the last is between the two walkways beneath the big ship.
    Step 5
    After destroying all the generators talk to the characters again and they will ask for a bottle of vodka.The bottle could be in various places, it will be on a railing and will be a frozen chunk of ice with a bottle inside.Have someone get below it and ready to catch it as another player knifes it.Use the action button to catch it and return it to the characters through the air tube on the left.
    Step 6
    After some more dialogue you will need to go inside the lighthouse and interact with four dials on the wall of each floor. You have to mess around with the numbers until you get 2746 from top to bottom.
    Step 7
    With the dials all set up you must locate the four static radios and activate them in the right order.The first one is on the ship, second floor on top of a filing cabinet.The second is by stamin-up on top of a barrel, the third is on the ship's top deck in one of the containers on its side.The last radio is inside the room where the original characters are beneath the stairwell, once you activate the final radio a blinking light will appear in the sky.
    Step 8
    The beeping is actually mors code and tells you which order to pull certain levers inside the power room.So inside the power room there will be a steering wheel and three levers to the right of it.The leftmost lever you have to use the action button on it once, the middle one should stay all the way up and the one all the way to the right should be pulled all the way down(activated 3 times).When the levers are in place then go over to the steering wheel and click on it twice so it spins to the right twice.You will then hear a horn sound, signaling that the submarine has emerged.
    Step 9
    Next you must activate the fog horns in the correct order, the first one is in the front of the light house near the water.The second one is first one on the right by speed cola, the third one is right in front of the light house, and the final one is the other horn by speed cola.When all fog horns are activated there will be a green light coming from the bottom of the lighthouse.
    Step 10
    For this step you will need the upgraded VR-11(someone told me it didn't have to be upgraded but i haven't confirmed yet). You need to get a zombie near the center and turn him into a human, the human will be sucked up into the light where at that point you have to kill him before he reaches the top.
    Step 11
    A golden rod will then appear at the bottom of the lighthouse floating inside the green light. Take the rod and go back to the locked door, on the left side of the door there will be an air tube.This is where you need to press the action button to send the golden rod through to the characters.
    Step 12
    Listen to the final bits of dialogue and you will notice the fuse will be sparking, knife it and the characters will be set free to paradise.
    Step 13
    A power-up will appear by the door and when you pick it up you will have the wunderwaffe DG-2, now go KILL SOME ZOMBIES!!!

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    Age : 23
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    Call of the Dead Easter Egg Co op Empty Re: Call of the Dead Easter Egg Co op

    Post by BustdMagz on Tue Jul 19, 2011 2:16 pm

    If you guys want it, i can also post up the ascension easter egg

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